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NCM Means High Performance Networking

NCM (Network Control Model) is one of the USB Implementers Forum's major stories for 2011.  Here are some detailed responses from MCCI CEO Terry Moore to a few questions about the NCM device class specification:

Q: Can you please give us a quick, high-level explanation of what the NCM specification is?

A: The Network Control Model (NCM) specification is a high-performance standard for connecting networking devices to PCs using USB.  Although it was designed specifically to support the needs of new 4G network standards (such as LTE and WiMax), it has substantial benefits when used for any kind of network traffic.

Q: What are the key features and benefits of the NCM specification?

NCM has two key features: First, it allows multiple Ethernet frames to be encapsulated in a single USB transfer...

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mtMCPC_award.jpgOn June 10, 2010 at the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) annual kick-off meeting and reception, MCCI-Japan's Terry Miyata was honored with a certificate of merit amid the applause of industry insiders, government representatives, and embassy officials. The certificate marks  MCPC's appreciation of MCCI's contributions to MCPC's USB-SWG and In-Car-WG. Mr. Miyata  accepted the certificate on behalf  of the MCCI MCPC team: Takuji Ishikawa, Chris Yokum, Brian Henriquez, Paul Berg, and especially MCCI CEO Terry Moore.  "It has been  a team effort," Mr. Miyata said. "I am grateful to be a part of this team."