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SNUG_DCE_web_graphic2011.jpgMCCI partner Synopsys, a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design, verification and manufacturing, annually hosts a series of invitation-only events for Synopsys technology users. These events are the SNUGs, Synopsys Users Group Meetings. At the Designer Community Expo, part of the March 28-30 SNUG San Jose event, MCCI's fellow Synopsys technology users were treated to an up-close look at the MCCI Catena 1910 HSIC verification tool and protocol analyzer and the MCCI SuperSpeed USB host stack, optimized for Synopsys IP.

USB Seminar in Tokyo

Toyo and MCCI's USB 3.0 seminar was held September 22 in Tokyo, Japan.  The seminar focused on developing and debugging USB 3.0 products. Toyo presented an overview of the USB 3.0 electrical and protocol specifications while MCCI CEO Terry Moore spoke on USB from a software perspective, emphasizing USB Attached SCSI (UAS), the new transport for mass storage devices that allows substantially improved performance over the previous mass storage specifications.

The USB 2.0 mass storage transfer mechanism, BOT (Bulk Only Transfer), doesn't allow overlapped operations and out-of-order completion, and therefore is not optimized for USB 3.0 speed. Not only are new host drivers required to take advantage of USB 3.0 throughput potential, different implementations are needed by different operating systems. The SCSIPORT driver is called by Win 2K and Win XP systems, but the StorPort driver is called by Vista and Win7.  MCCI ExpressDisk™ BOT and UAS drivers are optimized to exploit these distinctions.

USB 3.0 software development cannot neglect the extraordinary ubiquity of USB 2.0 hosts. They will present a major use case for the next year or two along with the billions of legacy devices in the field. The test matrix is huge.

Moore also discussed the new USB 3.0 host feature "streams." Because there is no official standard for streams, xHCI vendors that write their own software stack will force product makers who use streams to get access to vendors' proprietary APIs in order to test their drivers. A better approach is to use an "abstract API" that can be mapped onto any host stack. MCCI has published an abstract API that is free for anyone to use. Visit the USB 3.0 product page at to download it.

Read what Symwave and Fresco Logic are up to in this press release coming out of San Francisco's Intel Developer Forum: Symwave and Fresco Logic Achieve Unsurpassed Levels for Real-Life USB 3.0 Performance. It's no surprise that MCCI drivers are part of the story.

Terry Moore to Speak at TOYO Seminar

The TOYO Corporation is one of Japan's pre-eminent specialists in the all-critical area of measurement, providing comprehensive and integrated support in the core triad of hardware, software and education. On September 22, 2010, in the 9th floor Seminar Room at the TOYO TI Center in Tokyo, Japan, TOYO is sponsoring a seminar focusing on USB3 commercialization and implementation, primarily for UAS and for embedded systems. Terry Moore will be one of the featured presenters. Here are the links for both program details and registration information.

MCCI to Exhibit at Intel Developer Forum

Intel Developer Forum (IDF) is a premier global technology industry event that brings together technology professionals who are actively directing where technology is going. MCCI is pleased to announce its presence in Booth 945 (in the USB Community) at the 2010 IDF in San Francisco, California, September 13 - 15. Stay tuned for more details.

MCCI Enjoys Success in Japan

MCCI staff enjoyed a very successful 2010 Wireless Japan at Tokyo's famous Big Sight exhibition center. Check out the presentations given at the capacity-crowd seminar and download some of the show's poster art at Pictures of the event are there as well!
On Friday July 9, 2010, MCCI-Japan's press release went out over the wire with more details about MCCI's upcoming seminar and product demos at the Wireless Japan expo.  Read more at Kyodo News Wire. Read more at
On July 9, 2010 MCCI CEO Terry Moore addressed hardware and storage industry professionals at a Compact Flash Association meeting. He discussed the legacy USB storage class, BOT (Bulk Only Transport), and introduced MCCI's UAS (USB-Attached SCSI) software, which takes advantage of the UAS protocol's support for command queuing. He also spoke about a mutually beneficial relationship between USB 3.0 and Lexar's new BluLightning software technology. BluLightning is high capacity technology that privileges small form factor storage media.
On July 14 - July 16, MCCI will exhibit at Wireless Japan. We will demonstrate two different MCCI ExpressDisk™ Driver products:

The MCCI ExpressDisk BOT Driver utilizes the Windows-provided SCSIport/Storport Driver to deliver better performance. The driver combines multiple Read/Write requests into a single request to achieve the highest throughput, achieving up to a 30% better performance when compared to other BOT drivers.

The MCCI ExpressDisk UAS Driver is a complete replacement for Mass Storage Class and utilizes the Windows-provided SCSIport/Storport Driver to achieve maximum data throughput speed. The MCCI ExpressDisk UAS Driver can achieve 300% of BOT throughput.

We will also demonstrate the MCCI Catena® 1910. This Catena is an HSIC (High Speed Inter-Chip USB) Device, Host Emulator, and Protocol Analyzer. It allows an HSIC host/device pair and supporting software to execute in a local, real-time environment, and includes USB transaction-level data capture. It is connected to a host PC and controlled via PCIe. In "Host mode - Analyzer," the PC software views the UUT (Unit Under Test) as a HS USB device. In "Analyzer Mode" the Catena 1910 supports traffic capture of the HSIC bus for traffic flowing between two other HSIC devices, e.g. an applications processor and a modem. The Catena 1910 supports all standard USB operational characteristics, including LPM. The demonstration will show operation with an HSIC hub and mass storage device.

On July 15, MCCI is sponsoring a seminar "Advances in USB,"  also at the Big Sight. Speakers at the July 15 seminar are:

  • MCPC Secretary General Masahiro Hataguchi ("Welcome") 
  • ASMedia Senior AVP of Marketing Weber Chuang ("USB 3.0 Market Status and Achievements Today")
  • TI Consumer and Computer Interface/Senior Member of Technical Staff, Systems and Architecture Grant Ley ("Advances in USB Storage")
  • MCCI Senior Standards Architect Geert Knapen ("Audio-Video (AV) Over USB")
  • MCCI CEO Terry Moore ("USB 3.0 Software Architecture and Implementation Issues")

Go to to register. You must register to attend the seminar. Use the "Conference Registration" button on this page.
You need not register to attend the exhibition. Come visit MCCI in booth B-205 in the Big Sight's East Halls 4 and 5.
ico_xHCI_video.pngEric Huang, Product Marketing Manager for USB3 Digital Cores at Synopsys and Terry Moore, CEO of MCCI, demonstrate the Synopsys USB3 xHCI Host Controller running the MCCI USB3 Host Stack, in this excellent short video. Throughput of over 300 MBps, back compatibility with legacy devices, and Windows-compatibility are all shown here. Listen to the video in Japanese,  if you like. To listen in English, click the image on the left.