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MCCI, HSIC, and MIPI in the News

Developments in interconnect, or chip-to-chip, communication technologies are a crucial part of high-speed mobile device development. In its discussion of SMSC's patented Inter-Chip Connectivity (ICC) technology, a recent article in the EE Times mentioned MCCI's "protocol analyzer" and HSIC verification tool, which we call the MCCI Catena® 1910 HSIC. ICC is a chip-to-chip interface that uses USB data transfer protocols over a maximum bus length of 10 cm. ICC was standardized by the USB-IF in 2010. The Catena 1910 captures, traces, and analyzes data transferred over this interface.

Another recent press release discussed the MIPI Alliance's High Speed Interface (HSI) specification, which provides for an improved on-chip-interconnect solution intended to compete with SMSC's ICC. If you're going to work with MIPI, take a look at the Catena 1910 MIPI. The 1910 MIPI can act both as a passive receiver and as a transmitter/verifier.