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January 2011 Archives

Hitachi has released MCCI's Mac OS Handover Drivers for the au mobile phone via its website. These drivers ensure seamless transfer of the au phone's data session from KDDI's CDMA network to its WiMax network. No more dropped or interrupted internet sessions, you're on the go! For more about MCCI's Handover Driver offering, please visit our product page. MCCI is the world leader in in connectivity innovation.
The MCCI USB-IF Compliance Test Lab has recently revised its price sheet. Three of the most commonly performed tests have gone down in price. These are the tests for:

  • High Speed Device with a Single Mode
  • High Speed Host System (includes 1-4 ports)
  • OTG High Speed
The cost of testing a High Speed Hub (1-4 ports) has been slightly increased, however, to cover higher-than-expected resource costs.

All other prices remain the same.

SuperSpeed USB and Power Management

If you've ever asked yourself whether you understand power management issues for interfaces like USB, you would do well to read Mike Micheletti's article in EETimes on SuperSpeed USB's ability to deliver greater throughput while consuming less power. After an initial discussion of  ACPI-based power awareness and USB 2.0's Link Power Management (LPM) implementation, Mike explores the SuperSpeed power-management model and the power-state transitions required by the USB 3.0 specification. Mike is a regular contributor to the USB-IF Compliance Working Group, as is MCCI CEO Terry Moore.