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August 2010 Archives

Terry Moore to Speak at TOYO Seminar

The TOYO Corporation is one of Japan's pre-eminent specialists in the all-critical area of measurement, providing comprehensive and integrated support in the core triad of hardware, software and education. On September 22, 2010, in the 9th floor Seminar Room at the TOYO TI Center in Tokyo, Japan, TOYO is sponsoring a seminar focusing on USB3 commercialization and implementation, primarily for UAS and for embedded systems. Terry Moore will be one of the featured presenters. Here are the links for both program details and registration information.

MCCI to Exhibit at Intel Developer Forum

Intel Developer Forum (IDF) is a premier global technology industry event that brings together technology professionals who are actively directing where technology is going. MCCI is pleased to announce its presence in Booth 945 (in the USB Community) at the 2010 IDF in San Francisco, California, September 13 - 15. Stay tuned for more details.