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July 2010 Archives

MCCI Enjoys Success in Japan

MCCI staff enjoyed a very successful 2010 Wireless Japan at Tokyo's famous Big Sight exhibition center. Check out the presentations given at the capacity-crowd seminar and download some of the show's poster art at Pictures of the event are there as well!
On Friday July 9, 2010, MCCI-Japan's press release went out over the wire with more details about MCCI's upcoming seminar and product demos at the Wireless Japan expo.  Read more at Kyodo News Wire. Read more at
On July 9, 2010 MCCI CEO Terry Moore addressed hardware and storage industry professionals at a Compact Flash Association meeting. He discussed the legacy USB storage class, BOT (Bulk Only Transport), and introduced MCCI's UAS (USB-Attached SCSI) software, which takes advantage of the UAS protocol's support for command queuing. He also spoke about a mutually beneficial relationship between USB 3.0 and Lexar's new BluLightning software technology. BluLightning is high capacity technology that privileges small form factor storage media.