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June 2010 Archives

On July 14 - July 16, MCCI will exhibit at Wireless Japan. We will demonstrate two different MCCI ExpressDisk™ Driver products:

The MCCI ExpressDisk BOT Driver utilizes the Windows-provided SCSIport/Storport Driver to deliver better performance. The driver combines multiple Read/Write requests into a single request to achieve the highest throughput, achieving up to a 30% better performance when compared to other BOT drivers.

The MCCI ExpressDisk UAS Driver is a complete replacement for Mass Storage Class and utilizes the Windows-provided SCSIport/Storport Driver to achieve maximum data throughput speed. The MCCI ExpressDisk UAS Driver can achieve 300% of BOT throughput.

We will also demonstrate the MCCI Catena® 1910. This Catena is an HSIC (High Speed Inter-Chip USB) Device, Host Emulator, and Protocol Analyzer. It allows an HSIC host/device pair and supporting software to execute in a local, real-time environment, and includes USB transaction-level data capture. It is connected to a host PC and controlled via PCIe. In "Host mode - Analyzer," the PC software views the UUT (Unit Under Test) as a HS USB device. In "Analyzer Mode" the Catena 1910 supports traffic capture of the HSIC bus for traffic flowing between two other HSIC devices, e.g. an applications processor and a modem. The Catena 1910 supports all standard USB operational characteristics, including LPM. The demonstration will show operation with an HSIC hub and mass storage device.

On July 15, MCCI is sponsoring a seminar "Advances in USB,"  also at the Big Sight. Speakers at the July 15 seminar are:

  • MCPC Secretary General Masahiro Hataguchi ("Welcome") 
  • ASMedia Senior AVP of Marketing Weber Chuang ("USB 3.0 Market Status and Achievements Today")
  • TI Consumer and Computer Interface/Senior Member of Technical Staff, Systems and Architecture Grant Ley ("Advances in USB Storage")
  • MCCI Senior Standards Architect Geert Knapen ("Audio-Video (AV) Over USB")
  • MCCI CEO Terry Moore ("USB 3.0 Software Architecture and Implementation Issues")

Go to to register. You must register to attend the seminar. Use the "Conference Registration" button on this page.
You need not register to attend the exhibition. Come visit MCCI in booth B-205 in the Big Sight's East Halls 4 and 5.
ico_xHCI_video.pngEric Huang, Product Marketing Manager for USB3 Digital Cores at Synopsys and Terry Moore, CEO of MCCI, demonstrate the Synopsys USB3 xHCI Host Controller running the MCCI USB3 Host Stack, in this excellent short video. Throughput of over 300 MBps, back compatibility with legacy devices, and Windows-compatibility are all shown here. Listen to the video in Japanese,  if you like. To listen in English, click the image on the left.
mtMCPC_award.jpgOn June 10, 2010 at the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) annual kick-off meeting and reception, MCCI-Japan's Terry Miyata was honored with a certificate of merit amid the applause of industry insiders, government representatives, and embassy officials. The certificate marks  MCPC's appreciation of MCCI's contributions to MCPC's USB-SWG and In-Car-WG. Mr. Miyata  accepted the certificate on behalf  of the MCCI MCPC team: Takuji Ishikawa, Chris Yokum, Brian Henriquez, Paul Berg, and especially MCCI CEO Terry Moore.  "It has been  a team effort," Mr. Miyata said. "I am grateful to be a part of this team."

computex2010.pngMake the MCCI meeting space (Booth H213) at Computex Taipei 2010, Asia's largest computer exhibition, your next destination. The show runs from June 1 - June 5, so there is still time. Interest in USB 3.0 is running high in Taiwan, and visitors are keen on both MCCI xHCI support and the MCCI ExpressDisk(TM) products. Contact for more information.