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MCCI to Participate in Roundtable Discussion on System-Level Verification

MCCI CEO Terry Moore will participate in a Roundtable Discussion on the Role of Software in System-Level Verification at the Santa Clara Convention Center on Tuesday, March 30. Other participants include Frank Schirrmeister (Synopsys), Shabtay Matalon (Mentor), and Bill Neifert (Carbon). Ed Sperling, Editor-in-Chief of  System-Level Design Community, will publish a transcript of the proceedings in that forum within two weeks of the event.

Here's an abstract of the theme under discussion:

The ongoing shift of project efforts from hardware to software in the era of multiple processor cores on a chip has significant impact on verification itself. More and more developers report that they use software on the embedded processors to verify the surrounding hardware. It is not only co-verification of hardware and software, the techniques to verify both seem to cause a melting process between both worlds of verification at the system-level. This roundtable will explore the role of software for verification and analyze the impact it will have on verification going forward.