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October 2009 Archives

LeCroy USB 3.0 Developer Seminars

SuperSpeed USB, the next generation universal serial bus standard, is moving rapidly from engineering prototype to product integration stage. To help the developer community ramp up their expertise, LeCroy is currently sponsoring a series of free seminars in the United States with presentations from several early adopters. MCCI CEO Terry Moore will address USB 3.0 software architecture and integration issues.

Registration pages are now open for the following venues:

October 22, 2009 -- Austin, TX
October 27, 2009 --  Santa Clara, CA
October 29, 2009 -- Irvine, CA

USB 3.0 Nikkei Electronics Seminar

MCCI CEO Terry Moore delivered a presentation entitled "USB 3.0 Technical Overview" at the Nikkei Electronics Technology Symposium 2009 @CEATEC, Session A-2, "HDMI and USB3.0." The USB 3.0 market is moving very fast and MCCI is the recognized thought leader for this new technology. Feel free to download and enjoy the presentation.