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September 2009 Archives

MCCI Showcases 270 MBps USB 3.0 System

Aharon Etengoff interviews Terry Moore for TG Daily:
MCCI is demonstrating multi-vendor interoperability of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 using Synopsys' DesignWare® SuperSpeed USB 3.0 device IP and MCCI's SuperSpeed USB 3.0 device software at the Intel Developer Forum at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

By providing a side-by-side comparison of a USB 2.0 media player with a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 enabled media player, MCCI demonstrates the significant increase in throughput and user convenience that SuperSpeed USB 3.0 brings. The demonstration combines the high-quality DesignWare SuperSpeed USB 3.0 device IP from Synopsys, MCCI's SuperSpeed USB 3.0 device software, the USB-IF Peripheral Development Kit, Windows 7, and Windows Media Player. The media file transfers with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 are completed in a fraction of the time it takes using USB 2.0.

According to Terry Moore, CEO of MCCI, "The side-by-side comparison clearly shows the advantage of SuperSpeed USB 3.0. But the most interesting part of the demo is how the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hardware and software components integrate seamlessly with existing products such as Windows Media Player. One of the overlooked advantages of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is the compatibility with the existing architecture and billions of USB products. So, not only will users be happier with the faster sync and download speeds, but product developers can add SuperSpeed USB 3.0 functionality with reduced time and risk."

Read the Japanese-language release. Read the English-language release.
This week's Intel Developer Forum will highlight USB 3.0 Superspeed products from MCCI and Symwave. Data rates of up to 270MB/s have been benchmarked using a commercially available computer and solid state drive (SSD) combined with MCCI's optimized USB 3.0 host software and Symwave's USB 3.0 SuperSpeed SATA controller.

"Collaborating with MCCI and achieving this type of performance is an example of how excellence breeds excellence. The Symwave storage controller was architected to offer our customers unmatched performance and a platform for advanced features and storage product evolution," said Yossi Cohen, CEO of Symwave.

"Even with the exceptional performance shown, this demonstration showcases the result of our initial collaboration and not the end product," said MCCI CEO Terry Moore. "Symwave's storage controller was the obvious choice to showcase the performance that can be achieved when our solutions and complementary USB expertise is combined."

The live demonstration of MCCI's and Symwave's USB 3.0 SuperSpeed host software and storage controller can be seen at the Intel Developers Forum (IDF) booth 825.

Read the Japanese-language release. Read the English-language release.

MCCI USB 3.0 Demo at IDF Booth 825

MCCI Corporation, the world's leading developer of USB connectivity for the portable device industry, announces its presence in Booth 825 of the Intel Development Forum's USB Community, from Sept. 22-24 in San Francisco.

Exhibition staff will demonstrate the MCCI USB DataPump® 3.0 Embedded Device software for the Synopsys DesignWare® SuperSpeed USB IP along with MCCI's Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). This pre-tested, pre-integrated solution, significantly reduces customer development costs and brings USB 3.0 speeds to media streaming and synchronization.

MCCI will also demo xHCI host software with Symwave's USB 3.0 to SATA Single Channel Controller, displaying high data throughput that fulfills the promise of USB 3.0

Also on display is the USB 3.0 Connection Exerciser. This is the latest in the series of thorough, flexible, cost-effective MCCI test products that provide developers with the advanced test environment required by time-sensitive development. The Connection Exerciser is a compact, lightweight way to test Host to Device cable removal and attachment.

Visit Booth 825!

MCCI Cited in EETimes Assessment of USB 3.0

EE Times' Rick Merritt writes about the MCCI demo at IDF.