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August 2009 Archives

The next generation of high-throughput wired and wireless communications is enhanced by the new USB protocol Network Control Model (NCM). The specification has just been approved by the USB Implementers Forum. NCM improves on the existing Ethernet Control Model protocol via a high performance data plane optimized for use with LTE, HSDPA+, WiMAX and other future network technologies.

"MCCI, as a primary contributor to and technical editor of the NCM specification, has already deployed a preliminary version of NCM, called Early NCM (ENCM) to prove the viability and advantages of this new protocol," explains Terry Moore, MCCI CEO. "We have cell phone customers deploying ENCM in volume production today and we will now migrate them to NCM."

For more information on MCCI's NCM solution, please visit our firmware and driver product pages. Read the Japanese-language release or the English-language release.
MCCI today announces that Mr. Chun-Yi Wang is promoted to the position of Senior Director of Engineering, Taiwan. Wang came to MCCI in 2004 as the MCCI-Taiwan Software Manager. He brings more than eleven years' industry experience to the Senior Director position and holds degrees from both MIT and the National Taiwan University. 

SuperSpeed USB Developers Seminar

SuperSpeed USB, the next generation universal serial bus standard, is moving rapidly from engineering prototype to product integration stage. To help the developer community ramp up their expertise, LeCroy is sponsoring a free seminar on September 11, 2009 in Korea with presentations from several early adopters in SuperSpeed USB technology, among them MCCI CEO Terry Moore. This half day seminar will explore the key issues development teams will face during the transition from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0. For detailed information, visit the registration page, or for more about MCCI's product offerings, visit our USB 3.0 page.
On August 3 and 4, 2009, MCCI CEO Mr. Terry Moore and Mr. Chunyi Wang, Director of Engineering for Greater China, gave presentations at LeCroy-sponsored USB 3.0 developer seminars. The Aug. 3rd presentation took place in Taipei, and the Aug. 4th presentation was in Hsinchu. More than 70 people attended each seminar, which was aimed at USB developers, PC manufacturers, motherboard designers, and SmartCard companies. Read more about MCCI's USB 3.0 product offerings.
Ms. Judith Cone, who has been MCCI VP Operations since 2006, has been named Chief Operating Officer (COO). Cone has been with MCCI since its founding in 1995. She also designed and was General Contractor for the "green" expansion and renovation of MCCI's headquarters in 2007 and the further expansion into the Ulysses Square office in 2009. Read more here.