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January 2009 Archives

MCCI CEO Terry Moore spoke at the MCPC  USB 3.0  seminar  on January 28, 2009 to an enthusiastic audience of approximately 60 participants from most of the major Japanese electronics companies.

MCCI's SuperSpeed USB Embedded Host support will complement MCCI's SuperSpeed USB device support, facilitating both device-centric and host-centric product development. MCCI solutions can be enabled for USB 3.0 on any operating system.

MCCI has developed a proven suite of test tools to support integration into your platform, including the HDVT Test Tool, which combines Host Controller testing with USBD testing. This tool can be used with SuperSpeed USB as well as with MCCI's legacy USB products.

MCCI Delivers CDC EEM Host Side Drivers

MCCI Corporation today announced the addition of CDC-compliant Ethernet Emulation Model (EEM) Host Side Drivers to its USB Host Side Drivers portfolio. Other Ethernet model drivers in this portfolio are CDC Ethernet and Early NCM (ENCM). Evaluation drivers are available to qualified OEMs. MCCI's EEM drivers support Windows 2000 through Windows 7 (current beta), including both 32 bit and 64 bit support. As with other MCCI products, they are backed by a full range of support tools and installation utilities. For more information, contact MCCI Sales.
Terry Moore, MCCI Corporation CEO, met with New York Congressman for the 24th District Michael Arcuri, who wanted to hear from an experienced businessman in order to better understand how the government can support companies such as MCCI. Moore stressed that small businesses face different obstacles than big businesses, and Upstate New York comes with its own set of difficulties. Read the article here.