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November 2008 Archives

Terry Moore, MCCI Corporation CEO, is extensively quoted in a recent article in the news-blog LinuxDevices, where he talks about the future of USB 3.0 and the role MCCI is playing in the rollout of this new technology. Read the article here.

MCCI Endorses LeCroy Test Equipment

"MCCI has relied on LeCroy's USB test equipment for years," remarks Terry Moore, MCCI CEO. "Throughout the process of developing the MCCI USB DataPump® for SuperSpeed, we will again look to LeCroy to provide easy to use equipment with advanced features like graphical Bus Utilization reports that allow our engineers to maximize performance of our USB 3.0 stack." Find out more from LeCroy.
MCCI Corporation announced that it is working with Synopsys to combine MCCI's USB 3.0 SuperSpeed DataPump for embedded devices with Synopsys DesignWare IP supporting the SuperSpeed USB standard. USB 3.0 SuperSpeed addresses the need for transferring or streaming large media files. USB 3.0 SuperSpeed offers a 10x speed increase and reduced power consumption. Read more...
Synopsys and MCCI are working together to jointly develop the newest evolution of high speed connectivity, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. The evolved connectivity standard addresses the need for transferring or streaming very large media files. MCCI partner Synopsys will deliver intellectual property for USB 3.0 controllers, physical layer devices, and verification together with MCCI's USB 3.0 SuperSpeed DataPump.
The USB Implementers Forum today announced that MCCI has completed the Wireless USB (WUSB) Testing Audit and is now fully authorized to test WUSB products, including WUSB Native Devices, WUSB Device Wire Adapters (DWAs), and WUSB Host adapters. WUSB Host adapters in scope include Native Hosts compliant with the Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI) specification, Host Wire Adapters (HWAs), and systems with embedded Hosts that use certified silicon. Look for MCCI on the USB-IF's Independent Test lab page as an authorized Test Lab for wireless products.