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June 2008 Archives

MCCI is now an independent test laboratory for next-generation Wireless USB products. Until now, WUSB products were certified through attendance at USB Compliance Workshops (a.k.a. "Plugfests") or at Intel. Testing is available for products in the following categories: Host Wire Adapter (HWA) and Device Wire Adapter (DWA) end products, as well as native host (WHCI) and device end-products. Read the full release here.
Almost 60 industry leaders attended the June 11 Portable Computer and Communications Association Meeting in Austin, TX. Device manufacturers, network operators, laptop manufacturers, silicon vendors, standards organizations, and other industry leaders gathered to take a realistic view of the opportunities and challenges facing WUSB, where MCCI's demonstration of wireless Internet showcased the multifunctional capabilities of the MCCI WUSB solution.